All I want for Christmas is a little tiny scorpio! 
- From Christian Dior’s Zodiac pendant collection. What’s your sign?

All I want for Christmas is a little tiny scorpio! 

- From Christian Dior’s Zodiac pendant collection. What’s your sign?

When angels hit the ground dressed as humans.. this happened! Not bad, God. 

Meanwhile in Paris… 

A girl holding an umbrella on the way to work thinking whether to tell her what she saw or not.. 

A girl seeing her long lost love after years but hesitant whether she should go over to see him better.. to say hi.. été longtemps!

A girl whose a thinker.. with a look that might look judgmental to others while in reality, she is not judging at all. She’s just a deep thinker with pretty hair.

A girl waiting. Waiting for answers. Waiting to ask questions. Waiting for time to do its magic. Waiting for a sunny day. Waiting for the rain to stop and waiting for the bus to arrive.. on Boulevard Raspail. Waiting.

Another girl waiting.. for her cigarette to grant her permission to enter the building and leave her worries behind the door.

While here.. A girl is dreaming about Paris. 

Photography in Paris by Thomas Babeau. 



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At the end of the day, I’m a city girl. You know? 

At the end of the day, I’m a city girl. You know? 


Don’t eyes of insects in these portraits especially, look just like Ray Ban mirrored aviators and other ‘in-style’  sunglasses? And the Oakley mirrored ones? Are humans just going off copying trend styles from the nature and introducing them as original trend ideas? Or are we as humans are going subconsciously back to the nature without necessarily any intention of doing so? I think it is cool to see the resemblance whether by coincidence or by chance but then why are we so surprised when we see these trends as they hit the market? 

Just some pics for thought by photographer Ireneusz Irass Waledzik. 

Nostalgia is created through the nose. The more beautiful breaths you take, the more likely the scent of a moment will remain with you. Glowing eyes therefore, belong to people who take relaxing and beautiful breaths.. one by one by one.. They’re all connected.

Team USA? 

I was listening to CBC Radio last night broadcasting an interview with an editor of a French magazine a recent article they published listing the top 5 attractive countries in the world. Canada was obviously left out of the list. When she was asked why, the lady did not hesitate to literally BASH Canadians and punch them in the face using all words and NO swear words - the most painful kind of bashing. After listing a number of reasons why Canadians are unattractive, one of which was that they wear “loose clothing”, she went on to answer the interviewer’s question. So the question the radio host asked her was why was it that the USA did made the top 5 list and Canada did not?.. despite their cultural and social similarities? She replied “Canadians are self-conscious, they have an apologetic attitude that Americans don’t have.” She then continued “Canada is like a girlfriend who ignores her boyfriend who keeps calling, wanting to show her affection and kiss her.. while the girlfriend  (Canada) stays cold towards.” Implying that Canadians are arrogant, not easy going at all and that they basically have an attitude problem on top of everything else she kept herself from expressing. In response to Canadian’s comparison to Americans she also added that Americans are proud and spirited. “They truly believe that they are number one even if they are not… and that shines in their attitude.”

I leave you with the story.. if you have any agreements or disagreements on whether Canada should have or rightfully has not made the list,  please post them bellloooooow. 

Emily Ratajkowski in this super sweaty boxing photo-shoot with photographer, Olivia Malone, and talented stylist, Marissa Peden, captured the tough look of a sporty American girl mixing sports and fashion. Use of items such as a men’s watch, crop tops, knee-high socks and sneakers plus a whole lot of BARENESS helps to portray the look of a tough, hot American girl who believes in herself. The look reminds me of hollywood actress Hillary Swank in movie ‘Million Dollar Baby”

Maybe if Canadians too had a stable 80+ degrees Fahrenheit weather all the time, they would dress differently. 

Just “Couture” may not be the first word that comes to mind, but ‘ninja assassin couture’ may be. I’m talking about the looks from the Maison Martin Margiela collection in their recent FW13/14 show in Paris.

While some looks were more sophisticated and expectedly couture - like the third and last picture posted above -  most of the looks captured the picture that comes to mind when you think of Maison Martin Margiela couture. 

I personally have always wanted to be a ninja so I don’t mind wearing any of these out to a public event as a fashionate_ninja ;) 

It’s only fair for a Fashion-oriented city like Paris to have it’s second most popular marker - the first being la tour Eiffel - tastefully ‘fashionized’. Yes I’m talking about le Louvre! Photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani took on a project that involved physically dressing up the classical sculptures of the museum and take pictures of them. Although they don’t really look hipster, they were supposed to have the hipster look.. maybe it is the toned down version from the French point of view- not sure!

I can only imagine how hard it must have been for the pair to put the clothes on the statues considering the ALWAYS PACKED nature of museums (especially le Louvre) in Paris, and the physical act of doing it! I always feel bad for retail store employees who have to awkwardly put clothes on the plastic mannequins.. now picture that in your head with stone statues!  The pictures above show some of these cool pictures from a cool and original project! 

Enjoy :)

Monday July 1st was not only Canada day but the second of the 3 day Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. 

Naomi Campbell opened the show for Atelier Versace couture show. Her entrance was welcomed by cheers and from a surprised audience as she had not walked down the runway for Versace in nearly 15 years! 

Her presence with her oh-so gorgeous one-piece body suit that was toped with a Swarovski diamond embroided cardigan was the highlight of the show all together. 

Every single look of the collection had an edgy side to it. I loved every single one. Some even had a 90s feel. aaaaaamazing Donatella ;)

Details from Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Autumn 2013 show in Paris. 

These few pictures give a taste of detailed couture show that entailed lots of delicate fabrics. lace. florals. peplum-maxi dresses. simple, light and angelic couture. 


Niklas Hoejlund reveals his black and white photo shoot heavily accessorized with a combination of punk-inspired jewellery and beautiful models. 

We see punk and rock culture everywhere in fashion houses these days.. whether a classy look or a gangster one, there’s always room to play. Rihanna is a perfect pop-star example who integrates a bit of punk in every look she has with the right doze of course.

Dear Diego. 

Happy Summer!

The real lingerie models belonged to the 80s & 90s. Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Yasmin Le Bon and Karen Mulder were sex symbols in the fashion world. 

Karen’s look can be exemplified to a typical Hollywood look.  The most ‘girl-next-door’ look you can find. The typical blond+blue eyes you see walking down the street. BUT even if you exemplify her to the most typical of all looks, she is still that ONE girl that breaks the typique - as the French would say. She has one of the most convincingly beautiful faces that automatically makes her everybody’s type. If you disagree, I suppose your reasoning is that she is “TOO beautiful”. Yup. 

Funny how in just a decade or two definition of sexiness has evolved from models being actually sexy to thin with zero curves. This however does not make super models of the 80s and 90s any healthier than today’s considering the high rates of psychological distress, mental illness and suicidal behaviour amongst them. 

Karen suffered from psychosis and drug addiction well which as a result shortened her professional career as a super model.